Basic information for participants in Bulgaria Tattoo Expo VI



The price per m2 exhibition area (stand) is 60 BGN/ around 31 Euro at the exchange rate of the day. The minimum request for a stand is 4 m2 (four square meters) for a Small stand. Each studio or trade stand * may request the needed space with a size in square meters which can be divided by 2, i.e. each stand has a depth of 2 meters.

Upon payment, please specify the name of the importer and the studio that paid the entry fee to the event.

The prices:

Small stand / 2 x 2 meters/ - 240 BGN / around 123 EURO
Single stand / 3 x 2 meters / - 360 BGN / around 185 EURO
Double stand /4 x 2 meters / - 480 BGN / around 246 EURO
XXL stand / 6 x 2 meters / - 720 BGN / around 368 EURO

*All prices are in BGN (VAT included).

Template for participation requests

Please send your participation request to email artists@bulgariatattooexpo.com Include the following information:

1. Name of the Artist

2. Links to Facebook, Instagram etc.

3. Three photos with your works and one of you or your logo.

4. Information for invoice /if needed/

5. Size of working stand (Small, Single, Double etc.)

(If your studio will have more than one participant, you need to send one email per each subsequent Artist by filling in only points from 1 to 3).

Then you will receive an email with payment information with a deadline (e.g. 10 working days). If we do not receive a payment within this time, your request will be rejected. After making the payment, we'll officially announce your participation on our webpage and Facebook page.


Our future partners and traders who want to be part of Bulgaria Tattoo Expo VI can send an email to info@bulgariatattooexpo.com They will receive an offer with conditions and opportunities for participation.