Basic information for participants in Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2024



The minimum request for a stand is 2 m2 (four square meters) for a Small stand. Each studio or trade stand * may request the needed space with a size in square meters which can be divided by 2, i.e. each stand has a depth of 2 meters.

Upon payment, please specify the name of the importer and the studio that paid the entry fee to the event.

*Each Artist needs at least 4m2 (2 x 2m.) minimum working space to carry out the tattooing process comfortably and with dedication. For example, a Small Stand is 2 x 2 meters in size and only one Artist can comfortably tattoo in it. A double booth is 4 x 2 meters and two people can tattoo in it, etc. Each additional tattoo artist in a full booth (without enlarging the booth) to be announced as a participant in the event will have to pay an entry fee of 50% of the price of a Small booth, i.e. BGN 240 VAT included. In case the participants want to add an Artist to their stand and accordingly enlarge the stand, only the price for the respective stand is paid.​


For each Artist (participant) is provided*:

1 working table (dimensions 70/50cm)
2 chairs
1 three-socket power strip
2 rolls of ZEWA paper
1 paper tape
1 tape
PVC foil

For participants in the lobby, it is provided

1 exhibition table measuring 180/70cm.
1 small table (dimensions 70/50cm.
2 chairs
1 power strip with 3 sockets

*The list is subject to change. The hall is sufficiently lit, but if you need additional lighting, you will have to provide it yourself.


The prices:

Small stand / 2 x 2 meters/ - 480 BGN / 250 EURO
Standard stand /3 x 2 meters/ - 720 BGN / 368 EURO
Double stand /4 x 2 meters / - 960 BGN / 505 EURO
Triple stand / 6 x 2 meters / - 1440 BGN / 757 EURO
Lobby (trade position 2 x 2 meters without built-in stand) - BGN 480 / EUR 250
(the price is determined per m2. If you need more than 4m2 please contact us.)

A participant added to a full stand without changing its size have to pay extra - BGN 240 / 126 EURO.
*Like any stand larger than a double, the price per m2 (square meter) is 120 BGN. with VAT as the minimum size you can add is 4m2.
*All prices are in BGN and include VAT

*All prices are in BGN (VAT included).

For the registration of two or more Artists in one stand, in addition to filling out the form + photos, the first Artist/registrant must choose the size of the stand if it exists in the drop-down menu. If you don't find the size you want to rent (e.g. 8 x 2 meters), choose "Other size (specified in the comment field)" and the size must be described in the comment to the registration (the size of the stand is permissible max. 14 meters width and 2 meters deep). Each subsequent Artist registers normally by filling in all the fields, but from the drop-down menu you must select "Participant from an already existing studio" and again in the comment you describe the name of the studio to which the Artist is registered.

Use the registration form by filling in all the fields. Please read carefully the "Terms of Participation" with which you will have to agree at the end of the registration. Registration must be done by each participant. Registration can also be done by a "Registrar" who accepts the same conditions on behalf of the participant / s on whose behalf the registration is made. In such a case, we assume that the Registrar as well as the Participant who is registered on behalf of the Registrar have accepted the "Terms of Participation".

Please wait.

-- The arrangement of the stands starts from the hall towards the lodges. The moment the hall is filled with stands, we will notify and continue to accept requests until the lodges area is filled. With this in mind, we advise you to anticipate well how big a stand you will need, because when the hall area is full we will not be able to add/enlarge stands.​

After that, you will receive a reply with payment information within a possible deadline /10 working days/. If we do not receive payment within this period, your request is rejected. When you make a payment and we confirm it, in the order of confirmed requests received, we will officially announce you on our our webpageInstagram and Facebook page.