Here are some answers to frequently asked questions. For everything else you can ask us by writing us a message !

Q: It's gonna be my first time at such an event and I wonder what will happen there?

   Answer : Bulgaria Tattoo Expo is an event which will present tattoo artists. Basically, we'll tattoo, we will listen to some music, and most of all - have fun.

Q: Can I have a tattoo at Bulgaria Tattoo Expo?

   A: Of course . We will periodically publish participants in Bulgaria Tattoo Expo. This is in the "Artists" . There you will also find their links to social networks, etc. Contact  your chosen tattoo artist and ask what interests you.

Q: What are the prices for a  tattoo on such an event?

   A: Every tattooist  determine his prices. Bulgaria Tattoo Expo has nothing to do with it.

Q: Where can I see the program of Bulgaria Tattoo Expo?

   A: The program will be published a month or less before the event.

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