Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2021

We are happy to announce the 6th edition of Bulgaria Tattoo Expo on 18-19 September 2021. More details soon. for question info@bulgariatattooexpo.com

Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2019

Fifth edition is a lot like anniversary so we are preparing even more interesting program. Stay tuned for more details and may the ink be with you!

Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2018

Четвъртото издание на Bulgaria Tattoo Expo ще се проведе на 6 и 7 октомври 2018 г. в София, зала 3 на Национален дворец на културата.

Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2016

На 16 и 17 април 2016 година в Зала 3 на НДК ще се проведе третото издание на международното изложение за татуровки Bulgaria Tattoo Expo. На него ще работят над 100 артисти от страната и чужбина.

Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2015

Just a few days left until the "Bulgaria Tattoo Expo" 2015. You can purchase tickets from our website, Ticket Pro or on-site during the event. The prices of the tickets in the presale is 5 BGN. for a one-day ticket and 8 BGN for the whole event. The prices of the tickets on the spot in the days of the event will be 7 BGN. for a one-day ticket and 10 BGN. for the entire event.