Bulgaria Tattoo Expo Competition Rules 

Bulgaria Tattoo Expo is an event with a competitive character, thus every artist can sign up for the competition on the spot and take part in it. The judges will evaluate the best works in every category and the winners will be awarded with specialprizes.

The categories are separated between the two days + Best of the day category. 

Day one

1. Small black and gray (not bigger than A5)

2. Big colored (bigger than A5 up to whole body coverage)

3. Realistic (all kinds – birds, animals, ships, planes, landscapes, etc., but NO human portraits)

4. Oriental (Japanese style, dragons, fish, samurai, geishas, etc.)

5. Traditional Old School

6. Best of Saturday /Best of the day/


Day Two

1. Small colored (not bigger than A5)

2. Big black and gray (bigger than A5 up to whole body coverage)

3. Portrait (tattoos of faces or whole human bodies, other ‘realistic’ elements are eligible)

4. Figurative (any unusual representation of people, faces, animals, flowers, inanimate objects, fantasy, commerce, Tribal etc. Any stylistic interpretations are eligible.)

5. Best of Sunday /Best of the Day/

6. Best of Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2021 - First places from "Best of Saturday" and "Best of Sunday" will compete in this category.

The participation forms along with the following information will be given at the event. 

The jury consists of three judges – tattooers. We respect the work of every artist but we will stick to some basic but still very important rules:

1. All tattoos should be presented only once, i.e. a tattoo can participate in only one category.

2. Tattoos in categories ‘Best of the Day’ should be done at the event Bulgaria Tattoo Expo. Finishing a tattoo and presenting it in categories ‘Best of Saturday’ and ‘Best of Sunday’ is not allowed (it will be disqualified). Such tattoos can participate in all other categories. 

3. Old tattoos already presented in other similar events in Bulgaria will not be tolerated. Priority will be given to new and fresh works. 

4. Branded t-shirts or other branded accessories of the studios during the competition ARE NOT ALLOWED. The jury should not have information about the artist who made the tattoos. As a jury they should remain impartial. 

5. Scores will be given by two basic criteria (20 points max.): 

- Creativity/Originality – 10 points max. (concept, originality, positioning, combination of colors/shades as well as relevance with other tattoos)

- Performance – 10 points max. (incl. brightness, density, lines, shadows, effects, etc.)

6. Judges’ works cannot participate in the competition. The judges do not have the right to evaluate their own works – it is against the competition rules.

7. The judges’ decision is final but they reserve the right to take away an award if necessary. 

8. The organizers of the event don’t take part in the work of the jury.