16/17 September


Jacob Angel and Krystian Minda

Vera Hitova - Vertical Art

Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2023 - 16/17 September 2023

The eighth edition of the Bulgaria Tattoo Expo takes place on September 16-17 in Hall 3 of the NDK. This year's event exceeded even our wildest expectations, for which we want to thank all of our over 200 participants. Thank you and bow!

Artists from Bulgaria and abroad participate in Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 8. We have guests from France, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, Finland, Italy and Great Britain.

During the organization period, we published all our participants both on our site and on the social networks Instagram and Facebook. You can browse the works of each of them and choose the artist to make your next dream tattoo. To do this, just contact one of them.

Among our participants there are quite a few traders with a variety of goods, handmade jewelry, clothes, perfumes, souvenirs and all sorts of interesting items that can remain a precious memory of the event.

And speaking of memories, we have prepared an unforgettable program. For starters, we'll make you laugh with Kudravia and his stand-up comedy show (in Bulgarian).

In the contest for the craziest tattoo, we will demonstrate what it means in practice "I've got money and nothing can stop me".

Among the tattoo contests, Vera Hitova from Vertical Art will gracefully appear, who will demonstrate tenderness, strength and beauty with her pole dance show.

Then we will abruptly change direction and find ourselves in the world of angels and demons with the show of Jacob Angel & Monica Tomaino. If that doesn't rock you enough, Krystian Minda's fiery show will burn you to ashes. Are you ready?

No less impressive are the tattoo contests. A real explosion of colors and shapes. Some of the best artists will test their skills, create on both days of the event and show class and talent. Bulgaria Tattoo Expo has proven over the years that it is a measuring unit for quality, the artists who have won awards here are globally recognized, and if you are not sure what perfectly made tattoos mean, then at Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 8 you will see them.

After so many emotions, it's normal to get hungry and thirsty, so our chef Faicheto (you know him from the screen) will take care of the former, and the colleagues at the bar will help you quench your thirst.


We are expecting you!

Children under 12 enter for free.



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Information about Bulgaria tattoo Expo 2023

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‘Bulgaria Tattoo Expo’ is an event with a competitive character, prestigious awards will be handed and all this will come with proper, individual, strict and fair treatment towards each participant. The categories in which participants will fight are divided in two days – five in each + Best of the day.

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