Conditions For Participation in Bulgaria Tattoo Expo

Terms and conditions for participation in Bulgaria Tattoo Expo

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before registering for any of the events organized or co-organized by Tattoo Events Ltd. (hereinafter referred to “Organizers”). These general terms and conditions represent an AGREEMENT between you and "Tattoo Events" Ltd. These General Terms and Conditions are binding only in the relations between you as a Participant in the Bulgaria Tattoo Expo or others organized by "Tattoo Events" Ltd. and there are no other conditions. By registering for an event, you agree to be bound to these general terms and conditions and any subsequent changes, and you agree to respect them.


Tattoo Events Ltd. undertakes to provide the Participant/s the selected stand, to keep informed all applicants for changes and decisions of the Organizers. Tattoo Events Ltd. undertakes to hold the Bulgaria Tattoo Expo event on the announced date and time.


In case of Force Majeure circumstances, Tattoo Events Ltd. will inform the participants in the events with its decision which can be a change of he date of the event (which is a priority) or its cancellation. "Tattoo Events" Ltd. are Organizers but are directly dependent on National Palace of Culture as landlord and the National Palace of Culture is bonded to the State institutions. In both cases, Tattoo Events Ltd. will not owe any compensation to the Participants in the events organized by them as he is also a victim of the circumstances.

In case you do not agree with these conditions and those below, please do not register for participation and do not attend events organized by "Tattoo Events" Ltd.

Basic concepts

For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms are used with the following meanings:

"ORGANIZER" / "ORGANIZERS" means "Tattoo Events" Ltd., together with other persons with whom he co-organizes an event.

"CO-ORGANIZER" is a person with whom "Tattoo Events" Ltd. co-organizes one or more events.

"PARTICIPANT" / "VISITOR" is any natural person who is a participant in the program of Bulgaria Tattoo Expo or registers for participation in an event organized by "Tattoo Events" Ltd. alone or in partnership with other co-organizers.

"EVENT" refers to an event organized by "Tattoo Events" Ltd. alone or in partnership with other organizers.

"EVENT PAGE" or "WEBSITE" is a page of the domain www.bulgariatattooexpo.com, which refers to an event and which contains information about the participants, the program, registrations and other details about its holding.


 During the events, photographers and cameramen of the organizers and other media admitted by the organizers take photos and videos, which are then used to cover Bulgaria Tattoo Expo in the media, social networks, as well as in preparing materials to promote future events. If you do not want to be photographed, please do not register and do not attend events of "Tattoo Events" Ltd.

Registration for participation


Registration for participation in Bulgaria Tattoo Expo is accepted only electronically on the event website in the "Registration" section by filling in all the fields. To complete the registration, you must accept all the conditions for participation from the tick box. You will then receive a response (not automatic) with payment information for the email. Your participation is confirmed when payment is received, until then you are not a participant in Bulgaria Tattoo Expo. When you make a payment, we will officially announce you on our website, Facebook page and Instagram. The announcement of the participants is in the order of confirmation of participation, so you will not be announced the next day, depending on how many participants there are before you.


  The information sent to us during the registration for participation as names and links to social networks can be changed if there is a need or error, however, this does not apply to photos. Once sent photos of your work, logos or representative photo - will not be replaced or added / removed.

Financial conditions

Method of payment for participation in Bulgaria Tattoo Expo is only by bank and the reason is an invoice number (or proforma invoice)

After transferring the amount for participation in Bulgaria Tattoo Expo, in case that the Participant refuses to participate for personal reasons, the organizers may propose paid participation fee to be moved to the next event with additional payment of  the difference if there is a change in the  price .

In case the above is not an option and the Participant has a desire to refund the amount, this is possible but only under the following conditions:

 a. Up to 30 days after the transfer of the amount at 100%, deducting bank, etc. fees as well as amounts spent at the expense of the participant (rents for equipment if such has already been paid).

 b. After 30 days from payment of the fee, the organizers refund 50% of the amount due to organizational and advertising costs for the participation and the refund will occur within 30 days AFTER the date of the event.

c. No refunds will be given if there are less than 30 days remaining until the date of the event due to organizational and other costs.

d. Funds are not refunded if there are force majeure circumstances

Force majeure (force majeure, vis major) is an unforeseen and unavoidable event that cannot be avoided and the consequences of which cannot be prevented.

In order for an circumstance to be defined as a "force majeure", the following elements must be present:

unpredictability of the event;

extraordinary character;

causal link between them and the impossibility of implementation.

(The declared state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly meets these characteristics.)

e. The organizers reserve the right in case of change in prices of goods / services (including rent for the hall or other type of rent during the organization of the event), to make an adjustment in prices.

Organizational conditions

 The organizers arrange the stands of the participants in the hall in a form fully consistent with the vision and functionality of the event and the owner of the hall (National Palace of Culture)

The participants cannot choose a place in the hall , this is what the Organizers do.

The organizers can change the locations of the stands if it is necessary / Participants affected by this act will be informed immediately /.

The organizers provide certain consumables and tools for work according to the capabilities and requirements of third parties (National Palace of Culture, Regional Health Inspectorate, etc., about which the participants will be informed before the event).

Тhe organizers provide each stand with free bracelets for a two-day entrance. Each studio will receive a specific number of bracelets as follow:

Small stand (2 x 2 meters) - 3 bracelets

Studio with one tattoo artist (or Standard Stand) - 3 bracelets

Studio with two tattoo artists (or Double Stand) - 5 bracelets

Studio with three tattoo artists (or XXL Stand) - 7 bracelets


The organizers determine the program, order of the parts (and whether it will happen) and when /hourly /, which means that during the event changes in the program are possible for various reasons.

The organizers reserve the right to refuse participation at their own decision and the reasons can be many. The organizers do not owe an explanation for the decisions taken on this point.

The organizers of Bulgaria Tattoo Expo reserve the right to terminate the participation of a Participant in an event (to be asked to leave the event) if this in any way endangers the event and its meaning / or vision/ or other participant/or is in violation of the conditions imposed by the Organizer and third parties (National Palace of Culture as host and Regional Health Inspectorate).


It is prohibited to import flammable products, explosives or materials, pyrotechnics, noise-producing items (whistles), glass bottles, cans, basic or narcotic substances, cold steel and firearms, including replicas or firearms-toys), spray paint, and other dangerous items, thematic magazines, brochures, catalogs, any promotional materials for distribution, including testers and products, banners, posters and / or flags that are not authorized by the Organizers. Persons who cannot present an identity document as well as persons in a visibly inadequate condition will not be allowed to attend the events. You may not be allowed to enter or be removed if you refuse to be inspected or refuse to hand over to Security the Prohibited Items you carry with you.




You agree that you and anyone on whose behalf you make a reservation for an event organized by Tattoo Events Ltd. and / or Co-Organizer will comply with all such terms or restrictions.