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  • Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2015

    Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2015

    12 Sep2015, 20:25
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  • Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2018

    25 Feb2018, 21:08
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  • Contact

    Expo, Tattoo

    1 Nov2012, 16:59
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  • Bulgaria Tattoo Expo - album 1

    Bulgaria Tattoo Expo - album 2

    15 Jun2014, 06:30
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  • Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2014- album 2

    Bulgaria Tattoo expo - album 2

    21 Jul2014, 17:22
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  • Dear Friends

    As we announced earlier, the third edition of Bulgaria Tattoo Expo will take place on 16/17 april 2016. We will be again at the National Palace of Culture, Hall 3. This year the event gathered 75 artist, who worked and had fun with visitors from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Italy, England and Spain. We organized a seminar with the amazing artist BulletBG. You probably also saw him, while he was tattooing at the event. We were visited by over 4000 people, who were entertained by the participants and our partners. The sound from the tattoo machines was combined with the Dj's music and the roar of the Harley Davidson bikes, specially delivered for the event. The tattoo competitions are a traditional part of our event. They brought to the artists and guests not only positive emotions, but also lots of prizes provided by our sponsors. For this year and all years ahead, we are raising our goals and we will try to overdo them, because we have a mission and we believe that tattoo art fans all around Europe need this kind of events. We are expecting you at the third edition of Bulgaria Tattoo Expo!

    26 Feb2014, 19:27
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  • Videos "Bulgaria Tattoo Expo 2016"

    Bulgaria Tattoo Expo Videos

    18 Apr2017, 22:04
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  • Buy Tickets Terms

    Bulgaria Tattoo Expo - Tickets

    2 Apr2014, 08:36
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