Bulgaria Tattoo Expo is a “competitive” event, that’s why there will be prizes. Our judges will decide strictly and fairly who will take home our prestigious trophies in the following categories:  

 Saturday – 16.04.2016
1. Small, black & white (not bigger than A5);

2. Big, color (bigger than A5);

3. Realistic (Every kind of realism, animals, ships, planеs, landscapes etc. NO HUMAN PORTRAITS);

4. Oriental (Japanese, dragons, koi fish, samurai etc.);  

5. Traditional Old School;

6. Best of Saturday.

Sunday – 17.04.2016

1. Small, color (not bigger than A5);

2. Big, black & white;

3. Portrait (faces or people in full body. Other realistic elements are acceptable);

4. Figurative (every unusual representation of people, faces, animals, flowers, objects, fantasy etc. All styles are acceptable);

5. Tribal;

6. Best of Sunday. 

Registration for the competition will be on the day of the event until 15:00 (3 pm) by the clients, not the artists. 

There will be three tattoo judges. We respect the work of every tattoo artist, but you have to follow these rules:
1. Every tattoo can compete in only one category.   

2.  Tattoos competing in the categories “Best of Saturday/Sunday” must be made entirely during Bulgaria Tattoo Expo. Finishing old tattoos and presenting them in the ”Best of Saturday/Sunday” category is not acceptable (the participant will be disqualified). Such tattoos may enter any other category.

3. Old tattoos already presented at other similar events in Bulgaria will not be tolerated. New and fresh tattoos will be preferred.

4. Tattoo studio merchandise is forbidden during the examination. The judges shouldn’t know the artist behind the tattoo, this way they can be completely fair.

5. Points will be given for the following criteria:

Creativity / Originality – Maximum 10 points

(Idea, originality, positioning, color blending etc.)

Craftsmanship – Maximum 10 points

(Colors saturation, contrast, texture, lines, shadowing etc.)

6. Artworks of the judges are not allowed. They can not judge their own tattoos.

7. The decision of the judges is final, but they have the right to take away a prize if that’s necessary.