About participants (Artists) - 2018

Basic information for participants




The doors are open for visitors to the event on 6 Octobre (Saturday) at 11 AM. For participants the hall is open at 9 AM the same day. A working stand is provided for every participant.  

About participants (Artists) - 2018About participants (Artists) - 2018About participants (Artists) - 2018About participants (Artists) - 2018About participants (Artists) - 2018About participants (Artists) - 2018About participants (Artists) - 2018About participants (Artists) - 2018About participants (Artists) - 2018

One working stand includes:

1 workbench /70 x 70 cm/ *

2 chairs /tattooist – client/ *

1 extra chair /attendant/

1 power plug /3 point/ *

Additional lighting /except that in the hall/

1 bin /large disposable/ *

1 box for used needles *

1 roll of kitchen paper /large/ *

1 box of gloves *

1 liter distilled water *

Antibacterial hand gel *

A roll of scotch tape + a roll of masking tape *

If you need an extra power plug, just ask for it!

* Each subsequent tattooist gets what is marked with * /asterisk/.




There will be also a ‘Print/Copy center’: a copier + a PC and a color laser printer as well as a thermo machine for copying tattoo designs. Each participant can print the desired tattoo design or enlarge/reduce that design as desired by his client. All these things are completely free for all the participants in ‘Bulgaria Tattoo Expo’.



The price per m2 exhibition area (stand) is 50 BGN. The minimum request for a stand is 4 m2 (four square meters) for a Small stand. Each studio or trade stand * may request the needed space with a size in square meters which can be divided by 2, i.e. each stand has a depth of 2 meters.

Upon payment, please specify the name of the importer and the studio that paid the entry fee to the event.

The prices:

Small stand / 2 h 2 meters/ - 200 BGN / 100 EURO
Single stand / 3 x 2 meters / - 300 BGN / 150 EURO
Double stand /4 x 2 meters / - 400 BGN / 200 EURO
XXL stand / 6 x 2 meters / - 600 BGN / 300 EURO

Iban/ BG24FINV91501216077345
bic code/ FINVBGSF
First Investment Bank AD
"IDEL" Foundation

All prices for the event are in BGN and with VAT.
A request for participation is accepted through our registration form or email, after which you will receive a response with payment information in a deadline (5 working days). If we do not receive a payment within this time, your request will be rejected. As soon as you make a payment, we officially announce you in our webpage anf Facebook page.



And we will tell you everything…


Our people will always be available. Before the event, you will be informed for everything you need to know. Our people will be available and will be ready to answer all your questions /except personal ones, this could happen outside the event/. If you need anything, you just have to ask them. 


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